Medical Amnesty

Parents and Students, we should understand medical amnesty laws and school policies. They may help students with type 1 diabetes not only be safe but help others do the same.  By helping students understand amnesty rules we can help keep mistakes from becoming fatal.

Some states and many universities have Medical Amnesty programs. These provide conditions where those seeking medical help for otherwise illegal behaviors are given protecting from prosecution for those activities. Often they grant amnesty to kids who call for a friend if they stay with that friend. The goal of these policies and laws is to reduce hesitation caused by fear of legal action for seeking medical help but unless the kids know about them the amnesty programs can’t help. Most are aimed at underage drinking and allow for people who are underage to seek medical attention for someone who is at risk of serious problems from too much alcohol without prosecution for underage drinking.

While rules different by state and university many have protections for helping people in need get help. Google medical amnesty drinking there are a multitude of hits. Learn you school rules and state laws. Help you kids be safe even if someone they know needs help.



About is a resource for young adult Type 1 diabetics and their support networks to help navigate interactions around alcohol. Alcohol is often an integral part of social life on college campuses and while all students face risks, there are a number of unique and serious ones specific to insulin-using diabetics. Learning how to navigate those risks and make informed decisions for themselves about the role alcohol plays in their lives.

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