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Anonymous Content?

We welcome anonymous post that offer valuable perspectives.

People have a right to medical privacy and that includes saying I have type 1 diabetes. So we welcome private submissions in accordance with that HIPAA protected privacy.

Some questions may be too embarrassing to ask your endo face to face. We think honest answers to are important and will facilitate an answers from an endo as long as they are not directly related to specific individual treatment.

This site is about staying safe to pursue life’s dreams. Some hard lessons are potentially detrimental to an individual’s futures. We are interested in learning, not in hampering pursuing dreams.

We have not yet developed anonymous  entry forms. Feel free to invent a fictitious email account to contact us or request anonymity.

What is a Young Adult?

A user commented: I take issue with your use of the word kid to describe anyone over the age of 18 (the site is about alcohol and young adults right?). The law says that at 18 you are no longer a kid but an adult and you’ll be sent to jail for breaking the law or you can signups to join the army and go legally kill people. There are no 18 year old kids.

Good points: We have been vague about what we define as a young adult. We think being an adult is a function of maturity, decision making, culture and maybe only lastly the law.

Certainly the law has definitions of adulthood and legal responsibility based on age. Those matter. As our friends in Canada point out their laws differ. What side of the border you stand on doesn’t change your maturity or the risks of some choices.

We want to promote conversations with people in their process of  becoming an adult. So we don’t define adult by age.  Part of being an adult responsibly dealing with alcohol, not risking the health of others or  yourself.

We  want to balance the fear of prosecution under the law and safe behavior. We believe that a mistake with alcohol should not escalate to a potentially fatal situation out of fear of legal ramifications. In short the mature choice thing to do is seek and provide safe help first.


We are not medical professionals, we urge people to be safe and to look to professional advice.
So we cite the sources for medical advice and seek sources before offering comments.
We will consistently refer individuals to seek medical advice from their health team. This site seeks to complement the patient, family and caregiver relationships.
Our ask and Endo post are general medical advice, provided by a physical. They are not specific individual clinical care.


We respect individual privacy. We do not maintain databases of names, conditions or contacts.
We do welcome voluntary guest posts and comments.  The author of post and comments are welcome to share their information as they choose. We will remove any Post or comment as requested, however we can not control postings that are copied or archived elsewhere.
We welcome anonymous participation to facilitate safe behaviors.


We can be reached at drinkingwithdiabetes at gmail dot com


DrinkingWithDiabetes was started with the support of a Seeds Grant from the Diabetes Hands Foundation.
We welcome financial support to help foster open and honest communication about alcohol and type 1 diabetes. Any advertisements will be separate from editorial content and clearly labeled as advertisments. Sponsorship is welcome and will be clearly noted. Sponsors and advertisers understand they have no editorial control of site content.



DrinkingwithDiabetes.com is a resource for young adult Type 1 diabetics and their support networks to help navigate interactions around alcohol. Alcohol is often an integral part of social life on college campuses and while all students face risks, there are a number of unique and serious ones specific to insulin-using diabetics. Learning how to navigate those risks and make informed decisions for themselves about the role alcohol plays in their lives.

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